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Margie Beyer (Digital Marketing Adviser and Experienced World Traveler, Burlington VT)

Posted by admin on 23 June in Semper Sarah |


Sarah has been an inspiration to me since we met 12 years ago.  Sarah has always been incredibly driven, focused, and able to overcome difficult challenges in life.  We share a love for travel and have had many international adventures together.  Recently, we traveled to Belize.  Throughout our time in Central America, Sarah guided me through yoga practices, providing tips and suggested postures for me which really helped me develop my practice.  For our meals, we ate mostly vegetarian dishes and Sarah provided a wealth of insight on a balanced diet and eating right.  For our cultural day, we visited Mayan ruins and did yoga postures atop various temples.  We jogged along the beach in the evenings, followed by a yoga practice at sunset.  Before our trip, Sarah suggested reading certain texts which, once we were in Belize, we discussed certain aspects of the book and how we interpreted or related to them.  Overall, my time in Belize was much more than a vacation — it was a rejuvenating, life-changing trip. I came home refreshed and enlightened.  I practice what I learned and experienced in Belize every day — from diet, to fitness, to yoga, to connectedness, to spirituality — and it is all because Sarah motivated and inspired me.

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