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Liz Ferro (Founder of www.GirlsWithSole.org and Author of “Finish Line Feeling,” Cleveland OH)

Posted by Sarah Plummer on 17 July in Semper Sarah |


Girls With Sole was so excited to have “Semper Sarah” speak at the at the Juvenile Attention System in Canton, Ohio.  Sarah’s stories about her history which included abuse, rape by a fellow Marine, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and then subsequent successes that were achieved because of her involvement in athletics resonated deeply with the girls.  Sarah gave personal examples of overcoming obstacles in order to further her mission to help girls and women understand that your life is not over after abuse or trauma.  As Sarah says, “You can do more than survive – you can THRIVE (for real!).”  She put on an awesome program, engaging with the young ladies as a group and personally, then playing soccer with them afterwards.  It was a ton of fun and very much appreciated.  Sarah’s event ROCKED just as hard as she does. It was a blast – the girls loved it – and thank Sarah from the bottom of our hearts and soles.  Sarah is a true Girl With Sole! We were thrilled to have Sarah with us and hope to have her back again in the future.

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