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welcome-imageWelcome! I’m Sarah Plummer (aka ‘Semper Sarah’).  I’m on a mission to help you find more happiness, health, and zest in your life than you ever dreamed possible, by giving you the tools and resources to Just Roll With It™. What do I mean by that?  Well, I help you roll with your circumstances and LOVE your life.My background includes a fair share of (ahem) circumstances. Born in Japan, I’ve moved more than 30 times in my life, been hit by a car, struck by lightning, broken both arms and legs, had a breast tumor removed, had a mini-stroke, deployed to Iraq twice during my military career, suffered a dozen concussions, and am a Military Sexual Trauma (MST) survivor.

  • I’ve also had my share of adventures! I’ve traveled to over 40 countries, completed several local and cross country solo flights (all by the age of 22), served as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Marine Corps, performed volunteer work in the Middle East, Europe, and US, and have captained and played on the CISM(aka: Military Olympics) Women’s Soccer Team for the past five years.


In addition to all of that, I’m a registered yoga instructor, certified holistic health counselor, speaker, seminar leader, published author, and partner/advocate for several non-profit organizations. In a short amount of time, passionately driven by my mission to help others, I have become an internationally recognized and sought-after author, inspirational speaker, health coach, and yoga & adventure retreat leader. (Whew! I’ve been a little busy…) And it’s been such an incredible blessing to have this life of mine roll out the way that it has. I believe my life is what it is because I’ve embraced all of my experiences— the good, bad, utterly ugly, breathtakingly beautiful, scary, enlightening, and everything in between— with my S.E.M.P.E.R. philosophy, which, with Faith as the foundation, is to always be:semper

I combine the gift of storytelling (+ a rabid passion for motivating others!) with the power of simple, fun, and highly actionable comprehensive instruction to empower you to do the same. I help you turn tragedies into triumphs, obstacles into opportunities, and the pursuit of health into healing, so you can ‘roll with it’ and go on to have the life of your dreams.

One of my keys is incorporating movement into my work. When your body is moving, you literally can’t be stagnant. Movement gets the creative juices flowing and helps you go from intellectualizing concepts to ‘locking them in’ by feeling change happening within your body.

In addition to that, the cornerstones of my work include faith, authenticity, compassion, tough-love, education, and humor. I believe in living life at 100% – spiritually, physically, and mentally – and through my coaching, speaking, writing, and other programs, I’ll equip you to do the same.

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Listen, whatever calling you decide to follow in life, let it fire you up into taking action. Life is full of challenges, but the way you overcome them forms the backbone of your character, leadership, success and, ultimately, your sense of fulfillment.  Right now, I urge you to courageously push beyond those bumps in the road, grow stronger from the challenge, and believe that you can do more than survive – you can THRIVE.Here’s to believing in yourself and Just Rollin’ With It!

Choose to live the life you love, and love the life you live! :)

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PERSONAL BIOGRAPHYbrookesummer-denver-corporate-fitness-0019 - Copy - Copy Raised by an Air Force C-130 Navigator father and Creative Writing high school teacher mother, Sarah and her three older siblings lived a lifestyle of constant relocation and travel. The Plummer family way of life was diverse and challenging but incredibly rewarding as Sarah had the opportunity to experience unique people and places from a young age.Sarah happily attended and graduated from the University of Virginia (UVA) in Charlottesville, Virginia. Initially, she intended to play Division 1 soccer for the UVA Women’s Soccer Team, but personal influences and an increasing interest in a military career led her to decline a position on the team before her freshman season even began. Sarah continued to improve her soccer skills by playing for the UVA Women’s Club Soccer Team from her sophomore year through graduation, and made the NIRSA All-Tournament National Team in 2002.Sarah spent her first two collegiate years as a scholarship cadet in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). The summer before her junior year of college, however, life changed, and a brand new relationship with Jesus Christ compelled her to follow a deep calling and transfer to Marine Corps ROTC, a decision which went against the wishes of nearly every important person in Sarah’s life. However, through two years of Marine Corps ROTC, nearly seven years of Active Duty service, two deployments to Iraq, and the best and worst moments of Sarah’s life, she never regretted her commitment to God and Corps.

In 2009, Sarah ended her Active Duty service as a Marine Corps Intelligence Officer in order to fully embrace her love of world travel. She spent nearly a year globetrotting on her own and with friends; participating in a Mission trip in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, doing volunteer work in central Portugal; and socializing with new pals in new places. Sarah has visited six continents, forty countries, and dipped her toes in four of the world’s oceans.

By April of 2010, Sarah felt it was time to rejoin the full-time work force as a civilian. She was offered a position by a specialized DoD contractor as a Human Terrain Analyst/Socio-cultural Geographer. Loving the fields of Sociology (one of her majors in college) and Geography, Sarah was excited to restart her career by incorporating both disciplines. In an area of the country where there are thousands of cookie-cutter analysts, she was also extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with a cohort of people who were individuals, professionally and personally. Sarah told herself that she would commit to her new job for at least a year. If at that point she did not love everything about it, she would leave her prestigious DC position to follow her dreams of helping others through writing, speaking, and coaching.

Sarah ended up loving the company that hired her, the intellectual work, and many of her colleagues. However, she knew herself well enough to realize that working in that field was not her true calling. So in May of 2011, Sarah left the DC area for calmer surroundings and the freedom to inspire, interact with, and instruct others on tactics for overcoming obstacles, the value of holistic health and wellness, the reward of teamwork, and how to survive and thrive as leaders.

Sarah now motivates and leads others through speaking engagements, publishing her own books, volunteering, partnering with non-profit groups (Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness, Team Red White and Blue, Service Women’s Action Network, The Give Back Yoga Foundation, and more), and coaching both one-on-one, in corporate groups, in retreats, and at seminars.

Some of Sarah’s current activities and passions include: playing with her amazing three-legged wonder-dog, Bailey; being a dedicated daughter, sister, aunt, and girlfriend; continually learning about self-awareness through yoga; embodying her Christian beliefs as faithfully as she can; being the best friend possible; continually exploring her world-wanderlust; teaching yoga and spinning; playing soccer, Gaelic football, and Australian Rules Football at the National and International level; mountain-biking, hiking, swimming, and cycling; reading voraciously; sky-diving, whitewater rafting, wake boarding, and surfing; fostering healthy relationships with herself, God, family, and friends; and trying to do absolutely everything with fearless passion and fun energy!

  • Sarah is America’s JUST ROLL WITH IT Coach and Transitioning Warriors Advocate, empowering her audiences to turn obstacles into opportunities, and encouraging them to Just Roll With It so they can go from merely surviving to THRIVING and live the life of their dreams!


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