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The Semper Sarah Mission is to inspire, instruct, and empower you to get “unstuck” after a traumatic event or difficult time in your life so that you can create a ridiculously happy, healthy, and successful life in school, business, and beyond that will end up being even more fulfilling and exciting than the life you had before that crappy event happened! Pretty simple, right? But simple does not equal easy.That’s where my very own Semper Sarah Just Roll With It training comes into play. I spin the “S.E.M.P.E.R” wheel and break it down Barney-style in order to light a fire in your soul and get you where you want to go – metaphorically, symbolically, and most important, literally. But wheels require maintenance…maintenance requires tools…so don’t you want someone with as many tools in her toolbox as possible?

  • (Go ahead and call me a “toolbox,” I won’t be offended! Because I am a toolbox – for you!)


The Semper Sarah List O’ Tools is vast and dynamic (read: I’m adding to it daily!). Here is some of what you’ll find in my fancy schmancy toolbox today:

  • Decorated graduate of The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • BA in Sociology and Religious Studies.
  • Prior US Marine Corps Officer and battle-tested leader. (In 8 years I received more leadership training, practical application, and real-world experience than most people get in a lifetime.)
  • Professionally experienced Cultural Analyst and Geographer (military and civilian work).
  • Experienced world traveler having visited 40 countries on 6 continents.
  • Captain of the Military Olympic Women’s Soccer Team; played 5 years in a row.
  • Internationally recognized and sought-after author, inspirational speaker, health coach, and yoga & adventure retreat leader.
  • 200-hour RYT certified yoga instructor.
  • Holistic health coach.
  • Avid advocate and volunteer. (I partner and/or work with Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness, the GIVE n GO Project, and Service Women’s Action Network to name a few.)
  • Former co-owner of a Peru-based clothing and accessories design line.
  • All around non-stop athlete who currently plays for the Australian Rules Football National Team, and recreationally plays Gaelic Football and camogie, soccer, mountain bikes, cycles, spins, runs, and (when possible) surfs, wakeboards, rappels, sky dives, paraglides, trance dances, and snowboards. (Willing to try any outdoor activity that exists and is not listed above).
  • Personality! Hooray! I am a completely fun-loving goof-ball kind of gal who goes by nicknames such as Plum Dog, Nooner, SusieQ, WonderKid, and SasaPluplu. (New nicknames welcomed!)


The Semper Coaching and Speaking Experience is always…

sincere at its core because it is led by me, an authentic woman who shares from the heart.

empathetic because I’m able to step outside myself and identify with your specific challenges, and I teach you techniques that work, even if you’ve tried ‘everything else’.

motivating because my stories, and the lessons I’ve learned from them, will straight-up motivate the crap out of you to live your life fully and follow your dreams with reckless abandon.

perseverant and purpose-driven, because I teach the inherent value of sticking with your challenges until you see the miracle in them, and I infuse my message and teaching points with real intention.

e2ngaging and exciting because connecting with you and enabling you to connect with others is a key component to life satisfaction. Also, I am freaking pumped about life, and I speak with the fervor and zest of someone who has endured lots of adversity and adventure in life and lived to tell the story.

resilient because I inspire you to overcome your personal obstacles for good, and equip you with powerful tools that will last you a lifetime.

And most importantly, it’s a moving experience because we utilize the Just Roll With It teaching technique to get you enthusiastically rolling forward in relationships, career, spirit, fitness, and nutrition.

  • Choose to live the life you love and love the life you live! :)

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