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Kristine Carlson, Co-Author of the New York Times Best-Selling Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff book series: In Love, for Women, for Moms says “Sarah Plummer’s must-read book will inspire you to personal greatness, challenge you to transform absolutely every area of your life, and dare you to love the life you live! Life rarely meets our expectations, but with a positive attitude, there can be some great surprises along the way. Sarah’s friendly voice will encourage you to change what you can, as she has, and then let go enough to live life resiliently and magically because sometimes, it’s true, you gotta just roll.

The first book in the “Just Roll With It” series: Just Roll With It: Stop Comparing, Competing, and Self-Defeating — The 7 Battle-Tested Traits for Creating a Ridiculously Happy, Healthy, & Successful Life of Purpose is available on now!


Wouldn’t it be amazing to turn your obstacles into opportunities and your tragedies into triumphs, instead of getting stuck in your circumstances? Learn how to go from victim to victorious as Sarah Plummer (aka ‘Semper Sarah’) inspires you to take the steps you need to Just Roll With It™ in order to live a life you love, and love the life you live.


Sarah Plummer went from atheist Air Force brat to Marine Corps leader and Christian, pilot-turned-Intelligence-Officer, Military Sexual Trauma survivor, combat experienced veteran, and Military Olympic Soccer player in just a few short years.  Since leaving the military, Sarah has become a certified yoga instructor and integrative nutrition coach, as well as a speaker, trainer, author, and advocate. As your battle-tested, life-challenged, walked-through-the-fires-and-lived-to-tell ‘Just Roll With It’ leader and coach, Sarah shares powerful tools to empower to you move forward from ANY circumstance and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.


In her inspirational ‘Just Roll With It’ book series, Sarah will reveal her astonishing stories and the core character traits that armed her with the ability to survive life’s toughest challenges and go on to THRIVE, creating a significant, successful life of purpose against all odds.

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