Sarah Tells NBC “Yoga Saved My Life”

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Sarah speaks with Katie Couric about pressing concerns for military members


* 20 November 2013, Sarah’s  MSNBC Jansing & Co appearance is HERE

* 19 November 2013, Sarah’s speech during Senator Gillibrand’s Press Conference for military justice reform is  HERE

* 14 November 2013, Sarah’s NPR Morning Edition sound byte is HERE

* Sarah’s June and August 2013 appearances on MSNBC Live are hyperlinked

* 6 June 2013, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams segment with Senator John McCain can be seen HERE

* 5 June 2013, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer interview can be seen HERE

Click on the images below or “See More” below the 8 images to access all of Sarah’s press appearances. 

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