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What do you get when you combine exciting storytelling with a huge heart of service and powerful delivery of a life-changing message?

An unforgettable keynote speaker.

“Sarah is by far the most inspirational person I have ever met.”
Dr. Trisha Amborski (Doctor of Chiropractic, Denver CO)

It’s so important to select just the right speaker for your event.

When Sarah speaks, she brings your audience warmth, connection, depth of experience, humor, and most importantly, highly actionable instruction that will have them walking away knowing exactly how to transfer the motivation she has given them into true transformation in their lives.

Sarah delivers powerful, emotionally moving talks that teach your audience how to integrate mind, body, and spirit to create change in any area of their life.


Some of Sarah’s favorite topics include:

1. Leadership - Bold leadership through courage, sustainable leadership through health, and leadership of significance by tapping into your core character traits.

2. Health & Wellness – 12 Steps to Better Health Now, Lose the Stress Gain Success, Combating Sugar Blues, Eating For Energy, Women’s Health, and Weigh Less, Live More.

3. Women’s Topics – Women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, health, and success in the 21st Century.
* “Being a SEMPER WOMAN: You can’t ‘have it all,’ and why that’s ok”

4. Effective Decision-Making – Authenticity-based decision-making for youths and teens which sets them up for success.

5. Fitness & sports – Improving physical fitness and sports performance through integrative nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness techniques.

6. Veteran Issues – Empowering veterans to successfully and authentically navigate the rough waters of transition both while on Active Duty (ie: returning from deployments, family changes, or health challenges) or as they are leaving or have left the service.

7. The SEMPER 7 for (pick one) Leadership, Health & Wellness, Success, Conflict Management, Better Relationships, Effective Teamwork, Transition Management, and Overcoming Obstacles – utilizing the SEMPER Sarah™ System, learn how to get “unstuck” and dynamically “up-level” any area of your life or profession!

The 7 traits of SEMPER successful people are qualities of thought and action which, if demonstrated in daily activities, help them to earn the respect, confidence, and loyal cooperation of others. It is important to understand the essence and actions of each trait so that you can reach your full potential and become not just a success, but a Semper Success, in all areas of your life!

1. Sincere
2. Empathetic
3. Motivated
4. Perseverant
5. Engaged & Excited
6. Resilient
with Faith as the foundation

The essence of each trait and the action to embody the trait in the context of the specified topic (ie: Leadership) will be discussed in detail during Sarah’s speech.

“Sarah mesmerized the girls. They were captivated by her story, her resiliency, and certainly empowered and motivated seeing that someone who shared a similar trial had overcome, charging up their strength-batteries off of hers.”
Kassi Newman (Youth Leader at Multi-County Juvenile Attention System Canton, OH)


Sarah speaking at the Dirksen Senate Building

Excerpts of Sarah leading one of her Just Roll With It™ Bootcamps

Sarah as the keynote speaker for the Give Back Yoga Foundation’s “Seeds to Service” 9/11 fundraiser farm-to-table event

Sarah as the keynote speaker for the Columbus School for Girls
D.A.R.E. Graduation Ceremony

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