sambol-botAs an Executive Coach, something that stands out about Sarah is that she lives what she offers to her clients. She “walks the walk” and is exceptional in this regard. If she is asking her clients to challenge themselves physically, mentally or spiritually, you can be certain that Sarah is challenging herself, too.   Sarah is also very conscientious in the most constructive way, in that, it tends to be infectious. Her self-drive and discipline have a way of reverberating in those that are near her, making Sarah an asset to those who aspire to change their life. Aside from her conscientiousness, Sarah’s thoughtfulness is my favorite part of her character. She is an outlier in the realm of driven people, because even through her seemingly infinite level of ambition, Sarah takes the time to fully understand people by listening empathically without a critical ear. The beauty of that thoughtfulness is that Sarah enjoys and appreciates people, wholly, as they are - yet encourages them to discover who they are to become.sambol-bot

Dan Stover (Leadership Consultant at Integrated Leadership Systems and Co-Host of No Excuses Radio, Columbus OH)

sambol-botI have known Sarah Plummer as both a professional colleague and friend for almost 13 years.  From our early years as Marine Corps Officer Candidates to our adult years running civilian wellness businesses, I have known her to be an inspiring presence.  Sarah's energy, intellect, and dogged work ethic bring light to any room.  She is an articulate speaker and a motivating instructor.  Most noteworthy of Sarah’s many attributes are her willingness to learn new things and to move outside her comfort zone.  I recommend her wholeheartedly as a speaker, coach, and instructor.sambol-bot

Kate Hendricks (Founder of www.precision-wellness.com, Tuscaloosa AL)

sambol-botGirls With Sole was so excited to have “Semper Sarah” speak at the at the Juvenile Attention System in Canton, Ohio.  Sarah's stories about her history which included abuse, rape by a fellow Marine, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and then subsequent successes that were achieved because of her involvement in athletics resonated deeply with the girls.  Sarah gave personal examples of overcoming obstacles in order to further her mission to help girls and women understand that your life is not over after abuse or trauma.  As Sarah says, “You can do more than survive - you can THRIVE (for real!).”  She put on an awesome program, engaging with the young ladies as a group and personally, then playing soccer with them afterwards.  It was a ton of fun and very much appreciated.  Sarah’s event ROCKED just as hard as she does. It was a blast - the girls loved it - and thank Sarah from the bottom of our hearts and soles.  Sarah is a true Girl With Sole! We were thrilled to have Sarah with us and hope to have her back again in the future.sambol-bot

Liz Ferro (Founder of www.GirlsWithSole.org and Author of “Finish Line Feeling,” Cleveland OH)

sambol-botI have known Sarah personally for nearly a decade, and her life has always been such an inspiration to me. After further years of invaluable life experiences, as well as Sarah's training in Yoga, she has become a greater source of wisdom, grace and truth in my life and to many others. She is a refreshing balance between strength (with some "attitude"!) and gentleness, between grace and grit. Knowing Sarah has made me a better person. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah as coach, inspirational speaker and true friend.sambol-bot

Lainie Allen (Spiritual Director, founder of www.nurturingyoursoul.com, Dallas TX)

sambol-botWhen I think of the top 5 most inspirational people that I have had the pleasure to meet in person, Sarah is right there. She is tough yet gentle and her passion shines through in every word she speaks. Sarah's presence is the most incredible gift you can give to your team, your organization, and yourself. Hire her before she is booked up for the next five years!sambol-bot

Valerie Rosile (founder of www.aspireandgrow.com working with teachers, coaches, and businesses, Columbus OH)

sambol-botAs a former Marine who is still involved with functional fitness, I feel you are never too old to take care of yourself.  You have to be responsible for the "weather over your head and the grid square where you plant your feet."  If you want to take care of yourself, then do it! There is no better time than the present!  If you need help, work with Sarah because she offers a motivational way to take care of yourself, your health, and your life through yoga and physical fitness.  Sarah is an accomplished expert in her field, a skillful instructor, and mentor to many. I truly admire what she does, and how she does it. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from the best; contact her now and you will see what I mean.  Life is too short; live for the "now" with Sarah leading the way.  Semper Fidelissambol-bot

Joseph “Joe Marine” Shusko (Lieutenant Colonel retired, United States Marine Corps, Author of “Tie-Ins For Life,” Quantico VA)

sambol-botSarah’s work takes audiences on a thrilling, emotional roller coaster ride framed by principles of her uniquely optimistic and courageous approach to living. Sarah's advice, based on real-life experiences and solid research, is extremely inspiring and motivational.  She will have you laughing some, crying some, and thinking some. Her journey in overcoming some of the toughest obstacles you can imagine will inspire you, shock you, challenge you, and charm you.sambol-bot

M.J. Clark (Leadership Consultant, Integrated Leadership Systems, Columbus OH)

sambol-botSarah is full of unique, inspiring, and empowering energy.  She brings a enlightening twist to the leadership and success conversation through her speaking, writing, and coaching, daring us to Just Roll With It and live life to the fullest!  sambol-bot

Steve Harrison (Co-owner of Bradley Communications Corp which has helped launch many best-selling books to include “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Broomall PA)

sambol-botSarah has faced down her fears, climbed her mountains, and lived life in full-fledged pursuit of her dreams. Because of how she has lived her life, she can help you discover and live out of your true heart. Because of the mountains she has climbed and the way she has passionately pursued her dreams, Sarah has inspired me to live a richer, fuller life. Connect with Sarah if you want to live a richer fuller life.sambol-bot

Daniel Allen (Founder of and Leadership Coach at www.thelifegivingleader.com, Dallas TX)

sambol-botSarah was a help and an inspiration to me when she was here in Columbus.  The "Roga" (running + yoga) she taught was not only immensely fun but also very helpful.  It was so nice that it was free for me being a vet but I would have happily paid for the experience. Sarah provided a great opportunity to get out there with my husband and learn yoga together but in a fun and different way. It was because of Sarah and her teaching, that my husband continues to practice yoga with me even now.  She even inspired our 13 year old to practice!  It was so great learning from her and being able to form bonds with another vet. Thank you, Sarah, for your service to our country both then and now.sambol-bot

Beth Hernandez (US Army Veteran, Columbus OH)

sambol-botIt was a pleasure having Sarah on The Dr Laura Ciel Show. As a guest, she was honest and clear about her past traumas without getting caught up in them or lost in her story. I enjoyed interviewing Sarah because she was comfortable in her own self and because I could sense her desire to help others move forward from their own traumas which is a gift to my listeners.sambol-bot

Dr. Laura Ciel (Host of the Dr Laura Ciel Show www.drlauraciel.com, Psychologist & Coach, CA and France)

sambol-botSarah has been an inspiration to me since we met 12 years ago.  Sarah has always been incredibly driven, focused, and able to overcome difficult challenges in life.  We share a love for travel and have had many international adventures together.  Recently, we traveled to Belize.  Throughout our time in Central America, Sarah guided me through yoga practices, providing tips and suggested postures for me which really helped me develop my practice.  For our meals, we ate mostly vegetarian dishes and Sarah provided a wealth of insight on a balanced diet and eating right.  For our cultural day, we visited Mayan ruins and did yoga postures atop various temples.  We jogged along the beach in the evenings, followed by a yoga practice at sunset.  Before our trip, Sarah suggested reading certain texts which, once we were in Belize, we discussed certain aspects of the book and how we interpreted or related to them.  Overall, my time in Belize was much more than a vacation -- it was a rejuvenating, life-changing trip. I came home refreshed and enlightened.  I practice what I learned and experienced in Belize every day -- from diet, to fitness, to yoga, to connectedness, to spirituality -- and it is all because Sarah motivated and inspired me.sambol-bot

Margie Beyer (Digital Marketing Adviser and Experienced World Traveler, Burlington VT)

sambol-bot"You are invited to be inspired!" read the warm invitation from Sarah's bright smile.  Seated in a circle on the cold, hard gymnasium floor, not one youth complained.  Nor did their normally short attention span get the best of them.  They were mesmerized (we ALL were), captivated by her story, not yet realizing they were truly captivated by her resiliency, but certainly empowered and motivated seeing that someone whom shared a similar trial had overcome, charging up their strength-batteries off of hers.  "Thanks for the jump-start, friend!"sambol-bot

Kassi Newman (Youth Leader at Multi-County Juvenile Attention System in Canton, OH)

sambol-botSarah has greatly influenced the way I view the world and what is possible. I have always been a dreamer, but Sarah has acted on her hopes and aspirations. To me, as a dreamer, that is extremely motivational. Since the moment I met her, she was full of stories you would swear were from Forrest Gump, that were so exciting to listen to: tales of traveling the world, meeting all types of people, immersing herself in others' cultures, so many cool exciting things that make me want to do the same. When people act on their dreams, it is truly inspirational to me. It shows that there's no reason your dreams can't come true if you really want them. Also, through listening to her stories I've learned that the path to attaining those goals are not easy. I've heard and seen the planning and work that went into her actions. BUT the reward far outweighed the work. I like to see it as she lives her life unwritten: she takes risks in pursuing her goals, so her future is uncertain as opposed to simply sitting at a desk 9-5 five days a week, where life is predictable. And that's the life I want to live, the unwritten one, and she has showed me that it's very possible and rewarding. And that is how she's put her 3 legged footprint on my life :)sambol-bot

Captain Erin Wallace (USAF, self proclaimed dog whisperer, aspiring dream attainer, amateur sugar cookie maker, Albuquerque NM)

sambol-botSarah inspires me to never give up, go for my dreams, and stay strong.    sambol-bot

Carole Amber (Speaker and Bestselling Author of “The Gift of the Ladybug,” Columbus OH)

sambol-botSarah has truly helped give me the confidence to follow my own dreams and turn them into reality.  Her can-do attitude, willingness to give back to others and find ways to improve the quality of other's lives is truly inspirational. Thanks to her, I'm now on my road to more true happiness :)sambol-bot

Chet Ridenour (Entrepreneur, sportsman, adventurer, dance machine, founder of www.STR8NOUT.org, Worthington OH)

sambol-botSarah is a wonder woman and I am always inspired by her words and activities!sambol-bot

Captain Anna Fischer (USAF Pilot, Anchorage AK)

sambol-botThis past year I was afforded the opportunity to participate in several free yoga classes for veterans being taught by fellow Marine, Sarah Plummer. I was (and still am) very much new to yoga, but Sarah's teaching style made it easy to get over the initial fears of trying something new and really explore the benefits. I have quickly found that yoga is much more than just a fancy way of stretching, it's a holistic discipline that is capable of producing positive benefits and healing for the mind, body, and spirit.sambol-bot

Joe Shearer (Disabled USMC Combat Veteran, San Antonio TX)

sambol-botSarah is a very gifted and inspirational person.  She will help many other people heal and she truly makes a difference in this world.sambol-bot

Aileen McCabe-Maucher (Author of “The Inner Peace Diet” and Founder of www.aileenmccabe.com, Philadelphia PA)

sambol-botSarah's insights were presented in a clear and concise way that easily resonated with the girls when she was the keynote speaker at our Lower School D.A.R.E graduation ceremony.sambol-bot

Betsy Gugle (Director, Lower School, Columbus School for Girls, Columbus OH)

sambol-botEver since I met Sarah, I knew she was different. She has always been one of the most energetic, driven, and inspiring people, with a never give-up attitude. I know I can always turn to Sarah if I need advice or a new, fresh perspective on tackling obstacles life might throw my way. I have also been lucky enough to travel abroad with Sarah. Unfortunately, I got a little sick during the trip, but Sarah kept me going and motivated to truck on through and stick to our itinerary, and still have fun doing it despite feeling yucky at times. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t, and I could always look to her to cheer me on and keep me smiling. Sarah is an amazing travel companion; she makes sure she is prepared and informed, but also makes sure to plan the most adventurous trip possible!sambol-bot

Megan Luczko (Former Peace Corps Volunteer, Fellow Lover of Foreign Traveler, Washington DC)

sambol-botSarah is the most motivated woman I know, and one of the most genuine, positive people I have ever met. It requires strength to take something negative and turn it into a learning experience, but she does it - she is going to try to get over that mountain again and she is going to beat it!  Sarah gives me such energy and determination, simply because hers is so contagious. I thank Sarah for that, and for everything she is.  Much love.sambol-bot

Rae Reed (Founder of OutLoud Magazine, a women’s empowerment publication in central Ohio)

sambol-botIf you ever get the joy and privilege to hang out with Sarah, I can tell you one thing, you will want more. Sarah is vibrant, hilarious, empowering, and an absolute joy to be around.  She is a firecracker with a true heart of gold that leaves a footprint and a smile with whomever she comes into contact. If you are feeling down she can make you feel better with one quick trip to the nearest coffee shop. If you need advice she has more than enough to give... but be ready for the not so "sugar-coated" version. She tells you like it is, teaches you to lead and follow with your heart, and inspires you with her knowledge and past experiences. But it is not the fact that Sarah is one of the most interesting people that I have ever met, or the fact that she can go anywhere and do anything she puts her mind to. Sarah is by far the most inspirational person I have ever met.sambol-bot

Dr. Trisha Amborski (Doctor of Chiropractic, Life-Enthusiast, Denver CO)

sambol-botSarah Plummer is one of the strongest and most uplifting people I have had the pleasure of knowing! I am bitterly disappointed that she experienced something so traumatic in the Corps, yet Sarah is a true inspiration and it is a testament to her character that the traumas have not defined her or limited her in her journey. SARAH makes me proud to be a Marine! Semper Fi!sambol-bot

Major Michael Stevens (USMC Pilot, Whidbey Island WA)

sambol-botSarah does an amazing job as a Yoga instructor!  She not only teaches you the proper Yoga positions but gives alternatives to make it easier or harder.  I am pregnant so she was attentive to the special modifications I needed throughout the class.  She also brings a little humor into the class which makes for a more relaxing and comfortable environment.  The class went by so quickly with the wide variety of positions and not only did I feel great when it was over, but burned almost 400 calories which is great for this beginning Yoga student!


Aimee Jordan (4th Grade Teacher, Varsity Football Cheer Coach, Hilliard Bradley High School OH)

sambol-botThese comments about Sarah came from some of her entrepreneurial colleagues at Marie Forleo's B-School.   In Others' Words Sarah is... Authentic Powerful and nurturing simultaneously Gritty and gregarious Beautiful and glowing Courage in strength and purpose Raw and inspired Genuinely interested in improving the lives of others Love Priceless Activated Seriously awesome and such an inspiration A Warrior Adventurous, tenacious, driven, and disciplined Fun Honest, warm, and open Gifted Hilarious Infectious smile Wisdom in action Enthusiastic and encouraging Diverse A lovely and inspiring way to be in the worldsambol-bot

A Kudos Compilation (WORLDWIDE)

sambol-botSarah has an intangible "it" factor for success, a magnetic personality, and delightful energy about her.sambol-bot

Marianne Wells (500hr EYRT, founder of www.mariannewells.com, Minneapolis MN)

sambol-botSarah is inspiring! The things she takes on to do amaze me! She is so good at what she does and it is always so unique!sambol-bot

Heather Locke (Entrepreneur, Washington DC)

sambol-botI had the pleasure of taking one of Sarah's yoga classes. Immediately one could tell she was very experienced with yoga and very knowledgable. I was not familiar with yoga or had much experience with it but after one session with Sarah, I was hooked. She took the time to explain everything in detail while we were doing the moves. We were being educated and getting a good workout at the same time. The class had more experienced yoga people and Sarah was able to please us all. I burned more calories than expected and was sore the next day. After one session, I felt more flexible, calmer, more intune with my emotions, and even taller.sambol-bot

Garra Liming (Body By Vi Promoter at Visalus, Columbus OH)

sambol-botI appreciate Sarah's writing immensely and find her posts inspirational.  Her words have meaning to me as I struggle to balance work and discover the pleasures of life; what she writes encourages me in this pursuit.  Semper Fidelis!sambol-bot

Randy Robbins (Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, USMC Major retired, Fredericksburg VA)

sambol-botI did it! I finally accomplished eka pada galavasana with a straight back leg.  Thank you for inspiring me!sambol-bot

Amber Warren (Yoga Instructor at Charm City Yoga, Baltimore MD)

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